Nature Conscious

In every project, BANU EVLERI brand chooses nature-friendly products for the materials it uses and provides the opportunity to live as one with nature.
With its surrounding green areas, BANU EVLERI which does not limit its living spaces to ‘four walls’, offers you the natural environment and peace of mind you need.BANU EVLERI, which combines the serenity of fresh air with the peace provided by greenery, will surround you with green and help you forget your tiredness.

Amidst the Greenery

Peaceful Life

You are Invited to a Healthy Life

Happy Families

Our purpose is to ensure that all family members live in happiness, peace and comfort.

One with Nature

We know all about the importance of greenery in living spaces and take it as the basis of every project we make.

We make projects that do not just exhibit greenery but also cultivate it.

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