Banuevleri represents a privileged life in the urban patterns of Bahçeşehir. Banuevleri are constructed on central and promising locations that have a concept adding value to its investor and location.

Profitable Life


Banuevleri are constructed on central and promising locations that have a concept adding value to its investor and location. The concept planned to always ensure investors to make profit pleases the investors with high profit yields.

Banuevleri is the ultimate destination for people intending to invest in their future…

High Quality Life


A joyful life away from the city stress and in harmony with the nature is waiting for you. It is right at the heart of nature, away from the city life and stress. Modern life is at your feet thanks to facilities ready to serve all your daily personal and household needs.

Now, life is more enjoyable thanks to the projects launched with the idea that comfortable life is not a luxury but a necessity…

Problem Free Life


A life that attends to your expectations and suggestions related to central living space of your life and solves your problems right away is waiting for you. We are always on your side with problem-free life approach. Problems you are worried about will not be problems anymore when you are at Banuevleri.

It offers a problem-free and comfortable life by attending to each detail for your serenity…

Dynamic Life


A life allowing you to recharge yourself and stay fit is waiting for you thanks to the sports and recreational facilities in the world of Banuevleri. There is no room for boredom in Banuevleri.

Pool, walking track, fitness center, basketball, football and tennis courts in Banuevleri, designed with the goal of embracing an active and healthy lifestyle, will help you to stay fit and have a positive attitude in life…

Safe Life


Besides, detail-oriented design, a life prioritizing harmony and trust is waiting for you. Your safety and peace are our top priority.

Banu Evleri, surrounded with security walls and monitored by 24-hour Security Center, protect your life with natural gas, fire alarm and extinguishing system. You and your family can always have peace of mind in Banuevleri…

Peaceful Life


Families are happy and peaceful if the children enjoy themselves. You do not need to worry when you children are safe when playing on the playground right in the nature or swimming in the indoor swimming pool.

Banuevleri offers a peaceful and healthy life where you can have fun and enjoy the life with sports facilities, social activities and game rooms…