Are you ready to make a unique investment at a location which increases in value every day?

Get your place in BANU EVLERI Ispartakule 3! Imagine a warm and convenient home for your family, where neighborhood relations being forgotten in modern city life still exists and where you can leave your house without looking over your shoulder... Imagine a garden built with a unique architecture and landscaping, right beside shopping malls, beautiful in different ways both day and night...

Reach all these dreams and the home you are longing for with BANU EVLERI Ispartakule 3.

To profit and have comfort at the same time;

You are offered a high quality and stylish life with the exterior and interior spaces where premium materials are used in every detail. The aim of the hobby gardens is to offer you peaceful minutes with the colors and textures of nature. Every detail has been meticulously considered in the contemporary and functional solutions applied in the architecture of 2+1 and 3+1 living spaces to ensure maximum comfort in every square meter of the project.

The owners have begun living in BANU EVLERI Ispartakule 3!

BANU EVLERI, a symbol of trust and friendship, continues its new projects in Ispartakule.

Designed as a single, 22-story apartment block and each apartment with a southern facade, the project has a landscape area of 3,500 m² and a total construction area of 22,500 m² on a total area of 7,500 m². BANU EVLERI Ispartakule 3 offers 37 2+1 apartments and 37 3+1 apartments with a floor area of 136 m² and 186 m² respectively.The apartment owners can meet all their needs and have a pleasant time at facilities such as the sports hall, indoor pool, stores and prayer room in the BANU EVLERI Ispartakule 3 project which was built to provide a peaceful, dynamic, profitable and safe life.

You can reach your dreams and have the home you are longing for with BANU EVLERI Ispartakule 3.

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AdressesTahtakale Mahallesi, Ispartakule Blv. No: 23, 34320 Avcılar/İstanbul

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